BRAVE BEAU's story
Brave Beau is one of those dogs that you meet and you just immediately feel like taking him home and having him sit by your chair or lay on the sofa with you all day watching some good movies.
This 4 year old, 70 pound, German Shepherd mix boy is just so mellow and he truly never stops smiling!   He will come and sit as close to you as he can and will lean his whole body in to yours while looking up into your face with the sweetest adoration you have ever felt in your life from anyone or anything.  Brave Beau is called just that because of the hardships he has overcome with such grace and dignity while still coming out on the other end with a continuous smile and his special ray of sunshine.   He was left at a rental property with another dog, tied up to a tree with no shelter, food or water.  The owners just moved away and left their two wonderful dogs there in that backyard like thrown away furniture.   Fortunately there were kind neighbors who saw their plight and called the animal control of their small town.  Critter Cavalry Rescue took both dogs into their foster program and the other dog found a home and now we are trying to do the same for Beau.  Sometime in his past he was apparently kicked by a horse or cow and his left front leg has a very obvious curvature that has healed and doesnt seem to bother him.   It just looks very odd with a 45 degree angle of his left foot turning sideways.  It doesnt slow him down or bother him.   To be honest you really dont notice it because anyone that meets Beau only sees his charm and radiant smile.
There is nothing else to focus on except that smile and basking in his enchanting personality.  He truly is a joy to have in your life.   Treat yourself to a wonderful dog for the next 10+ years.  You wont regret it.
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